What is the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee (NARTC) ?
The North Attleboro Republican Town Committee is a group of North Attleboro residents who are interested in promoting the principles of the Republican Party. Meetings are held regularly at locations throughout North Attleboro. Our purpose is to promote Republican values, candidates, issues and initiatives in North Attleboro as well as across Massachusetts and America. Meetings are held to discuss issues facing our party, meet and show support for political candidates, and to share information regarding local, state or federal Republican activities. The Massachusetts General Laws require every municipality to have a City or Town Committee to foster the aims of the major parties. The NARTC consists of up to 35 members elected for four-year terms at each Presidential Primary. The Committee may appoint as many non-voting Associate Members as it wishes.

What is the purpose of the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee?
The purpose of the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee is to promote the principles of the Republican State and National Committees and to promote the election of Republican candidates.

  • Support Republican candidates who are running for local, county, state, and national office
  • Recruit local Republican candidates for elective offices
  • Provide opportunities for Republican candidates to address the Town Committee and the public at open forums
  • Sponsor candidate nights for the public and/or public issues debates
  • Elect delegates to the Republican Pre-Primary State Convention
  • Assist in fund-raising activities for the Party or candidates election day activities

Does the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee (NARTC) support local political candidates?
Individual members participate voluntarily in political campaigns and fund-raising events of their choice. The NARTC offers members the opportunity to be informed about local candidates and elected officials, along with ways to be/stay involved. After the primary, members of the NARTC support the Republican platform in partisan elections.

Is the NARTC part of a bigger organization?
Yes. The North Attleboro Town Committee is organized under the auspices of the Republican National Committee and the Massachusetts Republican Committee.

How often are meetings held, and are they mandatory to attend once you are a member?
The North Attleboro Republican Town Committee currently holds meetings monthly. Meetings are typically held in the evening and last about 2 hours. While we understand that a member may have an occasional conflict and be unable to attend, we believe that attendance is an important part of being part of the Town Committee. It’s important that input is given from ALL members regarding the direction of the Committee. It is our hope that a new member would consider the commitment needed to attend the regular meetings before requesting to be elected to membership.

Are there social activities for members?
Social activities are in the planning stages of the Committee’s yearly calendar. Since we have grown so much from just a handful of Members to the amount we have, we are seeking ideas from members for future social events that the membership can enjoy. While all members will be invited to attend any functions or activities planned, the events are strictly optional.

What are the requirements to become a member?
Anyone interested in learning about the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee is invited to attend our open-to-the-public meetings (see event calendar). Registered North Attleboro Republicans may be considered for membership. Libertarians and unenrolled (Independent) voters are also welcome and may be considered for associate (non-voting) membership. Our membership comprises all of the diverse ethnicities, religious affiliations, vocations, and income levels of our fine Town.

How can I become a member?
You must ask a member of the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee to nominate you for membership at a general meeting. If you are a registered Republican voter in North Attleboro, and there are fewer than 35 members in the Committee, you will most likely be elected at the next meeting. Written notice must be received by all members 7 days in advance of a meeting where any vote is being taken. While there are no official dues, members are invited to contribute a small amount annually to help support committee efforts.

Who is my Town Committee Chairman?
For information on the current membership of your North Attleboro Republican Committee, please contact one of the listed officers of the Town Committee.

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